Stand up to political violence

The world is on edge.  Violence is spreading.  This past weekend, white supremacists held a rally in California.   They were met by a large contingent of counter protestors.  Violence broke out.  At least five people were stabbed.  This was avoidable.

Emergent facts implicate the counter-protesters as instigators.  “Some protestors came dressed for battle, several seen carrying wooden batons and some wearing plastic shields.  ‘They came ready to fight, said [California Asemblyman Jim] Cooper.’“ A television crew was accosted by some of these counter demonstrators.  One kid slammed his skateboard into a reporter’s gut.

What is the point of bringing a violent heart to a protest against hostile, anti-social views?  What kind of values are you fighting for?  Nothing positive came from these actions.  Was there a message, or a point, to be made?  To the extent that there was, you failed!

Violence has no place within American political discourse.  The non-violent must take an unequivocal stance against violent actors, regardless of the views they hold.  People who bring violence into our politics must be held accountable.  The non-violent should do everything in their power to ensure non-violence.

It could be that the perpetrators  are nothing more than misguided youth, looking to improve their self-image by taking on bullies.  …  By being bullies.  Fucking ignorant!  …  But, this is an election year.  It is also entirely plausible that foreign political operatives are infiltrating political youth movements for nefarious purposes.   There are no good reasons for masks, shields, or weapons when publicly confronting hateful positions.


Evidently, Congress can’t admit they are worth less.
But, software could force them into the irrelevancy of retirement.
The key would be.
Don’t ever think pennies.
Dollar-cost-average them from the total price.
Half the purchases get a break on one
or two cents.
Round the final price to the nearest nickel.
Every receipt shows what happened.
The other half pays a penny or two, extra.
This time.
And the next, on average, they get the break.
No one brings home copper when buying food.
Voluntary merchants re-design point-of-sale purchases to eliminate the penny.
It follows.
Congress doesn’t have to lead.