I need to eat dinner. But, this reminds me.

Last night, I followed-up, what I wrote in my journal, about where-to-eat-dinner, by eating-dinner at Chillie’s.  Is that what I imagine I wrote?


I had the flatbread, a holographic-image of my hunger.  And a beer.

Home before ten.


Bed before two.  Just after one.

I thought I had cleared, my belching, before sleep.

But there was this one, final, statement on-dinner.

It haunted my morning.


It startled me.  I was choking.

I was awake.  And, I was aware.

I was choking.


I have been here before.  Believe me.

It’s annoying, when it happens, now.


So I recognized the presence-of-mind I was in.  Gradually, when these things happen.

Usually, after a food-combination, not conducive-to-sleep.

I am calmer, with each, stupid, incident.


Today, this morning, just before five.

I had the presence of mind to pray, to Meta-Mind.

For calm.


I sat.

Up, in bed.  Eyes closed.

Strange and true.


My inability-to-inhale contained a calm.

I just had to wait this out.

I just needed to meditate on the experience.


Breathing will resume….  Any minute, now.


My fault.

Eating breaded-goodness, with beer, before dreams.

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