Shh. Shh. Writer at work.

The blog has not gone.

Quiet.  Writer.  Preoccupied.

My creative periods come in spurts, between bouts of symptoms.

My book is my focus.  I am writing my calling card.

In this moment, between symptoms, I can be intensely productive.

I am on disability.  But, I no longer believe my condition should hold me back.

My book, if she sells, will be evidence I can earn my own keep.

Silence is the foundation on which all noise is built.

Sacred Space.

Within, I work.

One comment on “Shh. Shh. Writer at work.

  1. Thaddeus Dombrowski says:

    My apologies to John Guillen, who liked this post before I changed it. I made some punctuation changes. I should know better than to try to write a poem.
    On the fly.
    Within my browser.

    p.s. Now I am editing a comment I just posted to my own blog. I’m hopeless.

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