What is it like to wear a CPAP?

I slept hard last night.  My second night, not fussing with my new CPAP.  I’m getting comfortable with the machine.

Wearing one is a trade off.  Yes, it is slightly cumbersome.  But, I have had too many episodes in the middle of the night.  Needing to roll to my side.  Then, forcing myself up, so I can breathe again.

Not breathing is way more uncomfortable than wearing a mask that blows air into my nose, while I dream.  And waking, after a full night of deep and easy breaths, is damned refreshing.

I guess it took me three nights to get used to the mask.  The first night was my sleep-study return-visit, in which I was fitted for the mask.  I had a chance to try it out, and ask questions, and to be reassured.  That was over two weeks ago.

Then, my second and third nights were this past Wednesday and Thursday, in my own bed.  It took a while for the medical supply company to fill my prescription.

My first two nights of not waking were Friday and Saturday.  Even now, at least six hours after opening my eyes this morning, I feel better.  More alert.  Less winded.

I gladly wear this mask.  And, hope that my two cats don’t extend their claws while exploring this thing that connects my face, through a flex tube, to the grid.

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