My pact with you. Our common understanding.

I am going to begin posting a new narrative to my blog.

When I began this blog, I thought I knew what I wanted to say. My problem was that I had not yet identified the proper voice for sharing my thoughts.  And, I hadn’t fully understood my need to really distinguish what belongs on my blog, what belongs in my book, and what should remain in my own journal.

But, now that I have worked some of this out, I would like to begin sharing it with you.  But, I am going to share it in a series short posts that, in aggregation will tell a story.  There is a reason for this.  I promise to share this with you in due time.

I promise to post daily, beginning at some future date in the not too distant future.  I will begin posting daily after I have accumulated enough pieces to sustain my inevitable droughts.  I will tell you when my daily posting will begin.

Soon.  I promise.