My growth as a writer comes from realizing new things.  For instance, I notice when people write well.

Each time I encounter something new, that I like in others, I have to ask myself.  Is that something only to be envied?  Or can I be more like that?

When I notice these things, I have to try them out.  To see if they work for me.  And, then.

I have to ask myself.  Yes.  It works.  But, is this me?

It’s me, when it comes on its own.  It’s me, when it slips in, beyond the notice of my internal editor.

Still later, I’ll read it again, with my editor’s hat on my head.  That’s when I decide whether I keep it.

And, sometimes I leave that hat on for too long.  I have ruined decent pieces by dwelling to much on every last detail.  If I believe the piece originally had merit, I’ll set it aside, and work with it when I can see with new eyes.

But, maybe, sometimes.  Overworking a piece is the only way to discover it lacked something all along.  This is the point of journaling.  And it’s also why I still don’t post every day.  I’m working up to that level of consistency.

I believe some writers have gifts.  But, good writers grow.  And, it matters less where I start my journey than where it ends.  But, I can only make progress by trying new things.

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